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Messina Esthetic Medicine

283 Commack Rd. Suite 320 Commack NY 11725


I saw an advertisement I a local paper which brought me to Dr. Messina's Office in Commack. I had received Juvederm Injections at another office and developed a bruise. I was unsure if I wanted to try again or even if I should trust Dr. Messina. Then he told me something that stunned me by his rare honesty. He looked at me and said the other doctor probably did not do anything wrong and that bruising can happen with any injection. The fact that he didnt take the opportunity to pounce on another doctor gave me faith in this guy.

I wanted to fill my upper lip and the sides of my mouth, even though he only uses medications with numbing mixed in Dr. Messina gave me a painless injction under the cheek that made my procedure pain free!

The results were fabulous, they lasted just a long as he said they would. All in all the honesty and integrity seen here make this place special.

B. Nowaski Laurel NY

Came for fillers to my parenthesis lines about my mouth. I asked about bruising and Dr. Messina said he always uses blunt needles. We had a good laugh when I said blunt doesn't sound good when you are going to put it in my face. A loved the results, he used Radiesse in this area.

Christina F. Commack NY

Dr. Messina is a good conservative physician who has been in practice here since 1986. I wanted fillers to my sagging cheeks ( I am 72). Dr. Messina could have easily fulfilled my request but insisted hearing a complete medical history. It turned out that one of my medications could make the bleeding last longer than intended so Dr. Messina actually called my doctor to find out if I could tolerate being off of the medication for a few days. Well, I could , did and had the cheeks filled. I am impressed with the outcome and it thrills me to hear my daughter say mom you look great while knowing  she knows that I didnt have a face lift yet by some miracle look more youthful. I would run dont walk to Dr. Messina

Agnes c. Deer Park NY