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Messina Esthetic Medicine

283 Commack Rd. Suite 320 Commack NY 11725


I came to see Dr . Messina to have Botox in my 11 lines and the lines across my forehead. I know that Botox is a very common procedure and there are tons of people offering Botox so I didn’t expect to hear that there was anything involved it giving the shots. I have to admit that Dr. Messina was charging me $12/u and I could have found a dozen places doing it for $10 but after experiencing his gentile nature and hearing about the treatment it was worth the extra cost.

Dr. Messina marked my forehead carefully, showed me exactly where he was going to inject and even better why he was injecting that area. He even showed me the jar of Botox and how to tell that this was the genuine Botox and not from an outside source.

I have to admit Dr. Messina made it refreshing to see a real honest doctor and I just loved the outcome. I noticed a slight change in about 3 days and the full effect in a week and this lasted about 4 months.

I can assure you that you will love him and his treatments.

K. Splaine  Huntington NY

As a man I was unsure about getting Botox injections thinking my face would look frozen and my fiends would all know. I chose Dr. Glenn Messina because he is a man and I thought it would be more comfortable for me. He explained everything including how long it should last and that men require a bit more than women.

I have been coming now for a year and will continue to do so. The results are great, I look and feel younger and my friends still don't know why.

Also, I get off work late Dr. Messina was willing to make special appointments AFTER HOURS for me! That's a special trait.

Anthony W.  Dix Hills NY

Dr. Glenn

Thank you for all of the care you have given to me as well as my family. We consider you a cherished friend.

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