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Messina Esthetic Medicine

283 Commack Rd. Suite 320 Commack NY 11725


Dr. Messina is just amazing at what he does! I sought out treatment to remove a large tattoo on my lower back and while doing so, I was opened up to the dangers and horror stories about people that have gone to "laser spas'. After due diligence I found Dr. Messina who educated me on the entire process on our first visit. He was honest, professional, and made me feel at ease. His prices are fair and he never tried to "up sell" me or make me try to buy any of those stupid packages that other places hound people with. He immediately put all my fears to rest. Knowing and understanding the importance of a physician performing the treatment and not a "technician with a laser gun" was something Dr. Messina really opened my eyes to. I started the process of removing one tattoo with Dr. Messina, now I want to remove them all because I am overwhelmingly happy with the results of the treatments. Remember: you get what you pay for! I paid for THE BEST RESULTS, WITH THE BEST PHYSICIAN, WITH THE BEST LASER, AT THE BEST PRICE! Dr. Messina is thee best at what he does! I refer EVERYONE I know to him!

Charisma P.

Huntington Bay NY

I am so happy that I found Dr. Messina.

I had originally set up an appointment for treatment of a badly scarred tattoo area on my stomach (previously treated unsuccessfully by another doctor) He was open and honest about the tattoo/area even though he could not treat it, and even helped me to find a surgeon that was able to remove it successfully. I was so happy with his expertise and sincerity that I asked him to remove a different tattoo on my back. I cannot say how amazed I was at the success of his treatments, and in such a short time.

He is patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. (And I am someone that requires a lot of "hand holding"). He explained the process and made sure I was comfortable during the treatments. I am so pleased with the way the tattoo removal has worked for me. After a long process of regret and disappointment, I finally feel relief that somebody knows what they are doing, and is a genuine caring doctor. I am truly grateful.  His knowledge of the laser process and tattoos is beyond what I could have hoped for. He not only helped me to remove a tattoo through his laser treatments, but assisted me in finding a surgeon to remove the tattoo that originally brought me to his office! If you are looking to remove a tattoo through laser treatment, I recommend you contact Dr. Messina. You will not be disappointed!

Tamarra S.

Valley Stream NY