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Patient Reviews / Testimonials Dr. Glenn Messina / Messina Esthetic Medicine

Messina Esthetic Medicine

283 Commack Rd. Suite 320 Commack NY 11725


I highly recommend Dr. Messina if your seeking any of the cosmetic services he offers.

 As an instructor in the Cosmetic Laser Training field I was able to see firsthand just how kind, caring and knowledgeable he was not only as a physician but as a human being.

His attention to detail as well as his willingness to help the others students learn stood out as one of the greatest qualities that Dr. Messina possesses.

If your seeking any of the procedures he offers you can be assured that he will be the one to do your procedures. Once you meet Dr. Glenn you will understand exactly why I talk so highly about him.

Leon J. Prete

SafeLase Institute

Director of Cosmetic Laser Training


I have used Dr. Messina for "filler" and Botox and my wife has used his services for tattoo removal. I have had Botox and filler done by no less than 4 different physicians in the last 3 years and Dr. Messina was clearly the most professional and the best! I cannot thank him enough and I personally recommend him.. not just for the prices(which are great) but because I know he is the best. He is caring; professional and the results are better with him than with anyone else.

Bryan Salamone , Melville NY


Truly the BEST in comprehensive MEDICAL aesthetics !

 Doctor Glenn Messina is unique since he offers these services AND he holds several medical degrees.

His "bedside manner" is ACES! Not only is he professional but possesses a sweet demeanor.

Don't let his humbleness fool you, his prior medical career speaks volumes already. I know for a fact that clients travel from the city to see him.  I'm 3 sessions in and having terrific results for tattoo removal. He has all the modern equipment too. He thoroughly explained all possible outcomes and we all know tattoo removal is fickle...(and sometimes more extensive than we'd like time Wise or financially$)

He was honest, didn't sugarcoat anything, and remained positive, upbeat.

GBH East Northport